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The FUZE Racing Pit Mat offering a durable and versatile surface to keep your gear organized and your workspace clean.

Fuse racing pit mat through thoughtful design Fuze Racing have created a Pit mat that is subtle and stylish enough to look good in the garage or in the living room with out taking up to much room at 200 x 40cm it perfectly fits any Surron or Talaria alike on it. keeping those floors and carpets from getting wet and dirty after a washing your bike or if there no time to clean your bike and you want to get it inside during those winter months. The Fuze Racing Pit Mat keeps dirt and grime from tracking into your home, providing the perfect way to show your love for motorsports – without the mess!


Size: Length 200cm x width 40cm

Pile: Nylon

Features: Oil and water resitance 

Pile Weight: 450g

Machine Washable


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